Oh look! A chicken! (maybe an egg)

chicken and eggs 2

Medieval chickens and eggs (source unknown)

I’ve been experimenting with the common practice of pulling three cards each morning to say, What will the day be like? I’ve found I assess the day’s spread with an inner criterion I’ll call resonance. When the cards resonate, they articulate the prevailing mood quite exactly.  Not that I knew what the prevailing mood was, beforehand. Up till that moment it was just a swirl of nebulous, disorganized bits of thought and feeling, cloud cover and barometric pressure.

Maybe you know–or are–this kind of person: You and a friend are trying to choose a restaurant, and your friend insists anything is fine. Until you suggest the steak house–nope, I’ve gone vegan. Chinese? Sorry, I had that for lunch. The pasta place? Too many carbs. And so it goes. Without a scenario presented, your friend doesn’t realize what her preferences and dislikes actually are. A suggestion is a precipitating factor–throw it into the mix and something solid begins to form.

When I see the cards and go aha! that’s resonance. When I see the cards and go huh? that’s a different kind of resonance–or at least, acknowledgement. Whatever’s going on, my gut says, it’s not that. But I didn’t know that beforehand, just like your friend didn’t realize just how fussy she really was till you made a jillion fruitless suggestions.

So that nebulous prevailing mood? Three cards make it all coalesce, whether I agree with their story or not. But this resonance thing is tricky, because it’s not 100% clear if the mood really even existed before the cards limned it. So, do the cards–observing me, as it were–create the reality? Like Schroedinger’s cat, I don’t have to decide if I’m alive or dead until someone knocks on my box. In this case, the someone is my chatty friend, the Sibilla.

Okay, this sounds like abstruse, maybe over-the-top naval-gazing. So, here’s what I noticed about today’s three card draw.  I’m focused on the Italian Sibilla this month, and here was another in a fairly unremitting string of pretty dour daily readings. Three reversed cards, once again:


look a chicken 3 sibilla cards

Ammalato Rx–Prigione Rx–Dispiacere Rx (Every Day Oracle, Lo Scarabeo)

Yep, this nails it, was my initial reaction. Feelings of blockage, prison, another cycle of same old, same old huge efforts. Resonance. Fortunately, this is a daily reading and my life overall is pretty good. I’m not horribly depressed and I am not planning to jump off a bridge. But I’m kind of burned out by this point in the academic year, and I’ve had a nagging issue that I don’t quite know how to resolve. Both of these factors put a damper on any innate perkiness I may possess. So I was going to let today’s reading go at that, as an accurate barometer of the day.

Yet somehow, an old quote from my early astrology days (by, I believe, C. E. O. Carter, in Astrological Aspects) floated up in my brain: “The stars incline, they do not compel.” Do I have to approach the day this way? Am I rushing to “fulfill the prophecy”? Might there be even more layers of meaning in these three cards, to point me in a different direction?

With a more discerning eye, I saw Despair, reversed (Rx): Great efforts, cycles of repetition. Maybe that is the way out of the delineated funk. Make an effort. These reversed cards seem to be about inner states–not always under my control, for sure, but sometimes I do have a shot. I could make an effort.

Then I start to think about Prison Rx, as it can indicate pregnancy. Oh wait–Despair Rx is “great fertility” as well as great effort. Two cards having to do with birth. Ammalato Rx–lying in bed. Suddenly I’m seeing these three cards as a picture of child-birth. Labor pains, in cycles. This is getting interesting. I may be getting similar cards day in and day out, but who’s to say how many contractions I have to go before I’m through? The reading–and the day–shifts.

And what is the actual experience of shifting, from an unconscious acceptance of my negative “sentence” to an inner activity? How does it feel–viscerally–to rise to the challenge of this new birth? I experienced a very subtle shift in my body, from hard to soft. As if all the muscles of my astral body relaxed. I did not need to be on a meditation pillow to notice this. The shift happened as I was brushing my teeth after breakfast, to be mundanely precise. And I had a lighter step as I walked into work today.

Looking back on the day, I realized I did three unpleasant tasks I’d put off for days. I wasn’t thinking about beating the challenge of a somber morning prediction. They just seemed possible today.

So when you pull three cards in the morning, are you making a prediction? Or creating a reality? Which came first–the chicken or the egg? Sibilla starts the ball toss, by giving me a picture. Better yet, I started it, by setting up the conditions for the “right” cards to be pulled. The picture influences me–maybe strongly in its direction, maybe strongly in reaction against it. Today when I reacted against it, I found more in the cards–and they shifted into a single, organic, enlivening message. It was a different message from the one I saw at first, yet it was there in the traditional meanings of the cards all along.

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2 thoughts on “Oh look! A chicken! (maybe an egg)

  1. mpatpat25

    It is my understanding that Dispiacere (RX) is a bit positive so the negative effects are less. In this position, indicates perhaps a time of great energy on the horizon, being refreshed and more energy overcoming difficulties but since there are negative cards are around, overcoming issues may take a bit longer than desired.



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