Lenormand 3x3 may 2016

Maybe Lenormand by Ryan Edward, US Games Edition

It’s something we all want. Some of us already have it, at least more of the time than not.

“What do I need to give clear, confident card readings?” I inaugurated my long-awaited copy of Ryan Edward’s lovely Maybe Lenormand with this question. The deck is a sibilla–a non-Tarot, iconographic “folk” deck in the tradition of Lenormand, Kipper, the Italian and French sibillas. The Maybe Lenormand is similar to the Gypsy Witch, with 36 recognizable Lenormand cards, plus  Pig, Wine, Safe, and others to make up a 52 card deck. The images are beautifully clean, so much so that a simple answer to “how to give clear readings” is just: use this deck!

I laid a 3×3 square, and the Moon fell in the center. Apparently what I need for clear, confident readings is the Moon–honor, recognition, fame. I need others to approve, to believe, to applaud? I look at the diagonal of Mice-Moon-Birds. Nagging, gossipy, anxious chatter erodes recognition. Hmmm…is that the gossip of others, or me undercutting myself with negative talk? The other diagonal again invokes honor, with the presence of the Medal. There’s safety in acclaim, as the closed door of the Safe affirms. So these are the issues–a need for approval, for security, a sense of being in “the club”–and the threat of losing those to anxiety or gossip.

Oh dear, if I want approval and acclaim, this is not a reading to share here, in a blog post! I sound surprisingly insecure.

But sibilla cards don’t mince words–this is about what I need, not what I’ve already acquired. What’s not in the center of this spread about clarity and confidence? The Star–clarity. It’s not clarity that’s needed; I have that. Likewise, no Book–I have lots of knowledge (and even secrets). Heart? I have plenty of passion. And so on. There’s a reason for the Moon as focus here. Apparently it’s not the time to hide my light, sitting quietly at home throwing cards down on my kitchen table. That won’t move my readings toward clear and confident. (House didn’t appear here either.) I need to shine in the world.

How to create this recognition, in myself and from others? Rider-Pig-Rapiers-Mountain. I need the news to spread that I charge a lot for the luxury of my pointed observations, my rapier wit; that I am a formidable reader who does not let a querent get away with much. (I need to use those same resources to deal with the stubborn obstacles in my path.)

Forewarned is forearmed. In a “what do I need” spread, the presence of negative cards is a helpful warning. Those Mice may steal recognition and even money.  There are obstacles, enemies–in the form of gossipers and those who fan the flames of anxiety and upset. There are no helpful friends here–not even a court card in sight. There’s a sense of going it alone, though with a lot of good resources. My Achilles heel is anxiety–Birds in the pivot position. Still, there’s far more red than black in this spread, so overall I’m feeling confident.

–Wait a minute, that was part of what I asked about, that confidence thing.

The cards like it when you take them seriously. So, to honor this reading and its advice, here is my first-ever blog post.

Hey, I’m famous! (Or almost.)

Let me know if you want to indulge in an incisive reading with me.



4 thoughts on “Confidence

  1. CC

    The photo is not showing 😦
    I love reading about Lenormand, especially because no matter how much I try, I can’t string a sentence together with them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Frank

    Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty
    much the same layout and design. Great choice of colors!



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